Thursday, December 3, 2015


While visiting blogs which linked up for the Bonnie Hunter mystery this week, I came across Gayle's blog Mangofeet.  One of her recent posts featured a cute piglet block, and before I could even ask where the pattern came from, she posted a link to a tutorial at Sally T's blog The Objects of Design.

So look what happened today:
I just had to make a piglet for myself. Although it probably needs some litter-mates for company...

And then today on Sally T's blog I found she also has instructions for a bunny block, and an owl, and a fish, and more. And they are all very cute!


  1. Be on your guard, warnings have gone out about an Xmas pork shortage.

  2. I love piglets, especially the ones with black spots on their backs, unfortunately they grow up to be not so cute.

  3. I love your little pink piglet!! It definitely needs some siblings!
    Sally has the cutest critters you ever saw. I'm a real big fan!

  4. Be careful or it will eat all of your scraps!

  5. You are acquiring a real menagerie!