Thursday, December 17, 2015

Geese Again

This morning I felt like doing some simple sewing to help me get through the hot day. Rather than start a new project, I printed out a few more Wild and Goosey units. It's a while since I made any. A quick search through this blog shows me that I assembled my last blocks back in March. I've been busy with one or two things since then.

So here's today's output:

Also today I was looking back through my blog, reminding myself of what I was doing at the same time in previous years. Guess what I did on the 17th December a year ago?

Yep, exactly the same!

Even used some of the same fabrics.

The pattern is by Bonnie Hunter, and the paper-piecing foundation sheet is available on the Quiltmaker website. Link to pdf file.


  1. I have also been sewing my flying geese today. Determined to use up all my stash.

  2. Goosies are looking good! So nice that things have settled a bit so you can sew more.

  3. Ha ha - that's funny that your doing the same thing! I LOVE that block - I think it would be such a great stashbuster!