Friday, December 4, 2015

Not Again

I had a lovely day out with some members of Ballaarat Quilters today, in a town about 20km north-west of Ballarat.  But when I set off home, I heard a noise the car shouldn't be making.
 Yeah, that's not quite right...

I walked back to the hall where we had the meeting, and rang the RACV roadside assistance number from there. Just as well I did that, because one question they asked me was the name of the road and the nearest intersection to the location of the car. I had no idea, so I passed the phone to someone who was familiar with the area.

Then, armed with a bottle of water, I went back to wait with the car for "up to 60 minutes".
It was way too hot to sit in the car. I would have cooked. So I took a rug from the car, spread it under a tree across the road, and sat down to wait. It was actually quite peaceful, as very few cars come down this road. Two kind strangers stopped to ask if I was OK. One offered to call the RACV (no thanks, already done) and the other offered me a beer (no thanks, I have water)!

After a while the Ballarat RACV branch rang to say someone was just leaving, and would be with me in 20 mins or so. It was nice to know they were on their way. He actually arrived only about 45 minutes after I placed the call
and he had the tyre off and the spare on in just a couple of minutes.

And here's the culprit:
A chunk of gravel! The bit pointing down is the bit that was very firmly lodged into the tyre. You can see the hole it made.

This is the same tyre that was repaired in October after a screw went through it.  It's a nearly new tyre. But when I was searching through my old blog posts to find that one, I also found one I'd forgotten from when a previous set of tyres were new in 2009.


  1. Oh bummer! Glad you had a rug to sit on and not roast! I had a flat once, and had to wait for a while - I was tickled to find my sons computer magazines in the back - learned a bit about something I really don't know.... Hope you are back in action soon!

  2. You are braver than me sitting in that grass under the tree. Hope this is the last of your car hiccups.

  3. Gone are the days when we could have managed this ourselves. There is no way wheel nuts can be removed manually. Good RACV service and thank goodness for a suitably stocked car.

  4. Six years from a tyre is pretty good. How is the spare?
    I agree you were lucky that you were able to get help quite quickly from the RACV. There must be a phone app so if you need the RACV when you are out bush you can give your location. Some sort of GPS thingo??