Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wild Visitors

Just after I wrote yesterday's post, we discovered something exciting but couldn't get a good photo of it until today:

 OK, maybe still not a great photo. But those are the footprints (and tail print?) of something which hopped
 across the grass(?) in front of our house. In the photo above, you can see where it first landed, and its second and third hop.  Then it seems to have realised there might be something to eat here, and it stopped and rested on all fours in a few places:
 You can see an imprint of its two small front paws and two long back feet just below halfway down on the left of the photo above. Some time yesterday either a wallaby or a kangaroo came within a few metres of our house!

And then this morning, as I sat at the table, a crimson rosella came for a drink at the birdbath just a couple of metres from me.
I picked up my camera very carefully, so as not to startle the bird, and clicked without looking in the viewfinder (had to do it without moving my head). So it's not straight, it's not in focus, but it does show a crimson rosella in the birdbath!