Wednesday, November 11, 2015


While doing some weeding further down the block (mainly pulling up bluebell creeper seedlings), I came across these two blackwoods (Acacia melanoxylon) being strangled by bluebell creeper (Billardiera heterophylla, formerly Sollya heterophylla) that I must have missed when it was small:
It's not obvious in the photo, but a lot of that greenery doesn't belong to those trees. Compare the picture below, where I had removed all the creeper I could from the first one:

There's still some creeper in the tree, but it is up higher than I can reach.

Here's the second tree before I tackled it:
Looks quite green and lush, doesn't it? But that was what alerted me to the creeper in the first place. A blackwood shouldn't look like that! Here it is freed from the creeper:
Hopefully both trees will now grow and thrive.

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