Sunday, November 8, 2015

Ikea Trip

Look how handy a ute is:
Big enough to easily hold shelving sections which are over 2 metres long. Look at all those other people in the loading area, shoving large boxes into hatch-backs. A bit like our trip in March when one of us had to go home by public transport:
But not this time!

The new shelving sections will be combined with shelves and cupboards I already have, as seen in my old sewing room here:
and then again in the wardrobe at my Ballarat unit:
Old and new pieces will be painted to match the trim in the new house, then assembled to allow storage right up to the ceiling in my sewing room, and in the walk-in wardrobe.

I also bought a lamp which you can just see in the bottom left of the first photo. It's actually a table lamp, but I only wanted the shade, to use on the last remaining bare bulb in the house. Here it is, hanging above the dining table:


  1. My Honda Element comes in real handy on IKEA trips, too! It's amazing how house projects seem to snowball while you're inside shopping there. I like the lamp shade - perfect! Good luck on the shelves!