Saturday, November 14, 2015

Garden Swing

This swinging garden seat was made for me for my birthday this year:
When the house was under construction we arranged the provision of two places to hang it; this one under the back verandah, and another in the outdoor living area. A couple of days ago it was hung up, and at last I got to swing on it! Today it got a coat of protective finish, and once the second coat goes on I will be able to sit on it again. Doesn't it look lovely?

Now that it is up, we're thinking maybe instead of moving it from spot to spot, it might be good to have two seats. So that's next year's birthday present sorted out, I guess!


  1. Lucky you! Now you'll have to make a patchwork cushion cover to match the climbing roses you're going to plant around it!

  2. Beautiful seat but it needs some patchwork cushions. :)

  3. oh - it's lovely. Nothing more relaxing than sitting on a swing, sipping a nice cuppa.