Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Apparently Melbourne Cup Day isn't a public holiday in Ballarat. (Rather ironic as it turns out. A Ballarat-trained horse with a jockey from Ballarat won the race. And although I'm not into racing, I was happy that a female jockey rode the winner for the first time.) I found out it wasn't a holiday when the electrician said he would come today to sort out a couple of items.

Back in September I posted this picture:
and mentioned that light above the mirror which was in the wrong place. (And crooked). Now it is where it should have been:
mounted on top of the cabinet. Hooray!

Of course that leaves a hole to be patched, and a bit of wall to be painted, but at least the light now shines where it should (on your face) instead of just illuminating the top surface of the cupboard.


  1. And I was amazed when I found out that Melbourne had a holiday for the Melbourne Cup. Not even a long weekend. Just a sudden holiday on a Tuesday. Weird. The Race That Stops The Nation doesn't really stop much, but it does give us a happy news report instead of a horrible war story.

    1. Having grown up in Melb, the public holiday is normal (if weird) to me. I just assumed it was state-wide, but I was wrong!