Sunday, November 1, 2015

Scenes from the Show

It has been a busy weekend, although not as busy as I thought it would be. A friend from Melbourne who was going to come and see the Ballaarat Quilters' show and our new house was too sick and couldn't come. I was going to take my mother to the quilt show on Saturday, and she was too sick and couldn't come.

Today I was on duty at the door for two hours, then on "white glove" duty for two hours, then helped pull down the show. Pulling it down was a lot quicker than assembling it!

These photos were mostly taken while I was on white glove duty, getting my daily step count up as I walked round and round the hall.

The stage area displayed old quilts, from the early days of the guild:

Quilts in the body of the hall were mainly recent ones, although a few large older quilts were here too.

Smaller art quilts and challenges were displayed around the perimeter:

These shots make it look like visitors were sparse,
but really there was quite a flow of visitors on both days.

Several shops were at the front of the hall:
At one point the local TV news people came in and asked if they could film a "colour piece" for the end of the news bulletin. Of course they were welcome to! It will go to air on either Monday or Tuesday, so it will be interesting to see what they show.

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  1. Oh looks like a lovely show; thanks for sharing your tour of duty....hugs, Julierose