Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Relying on tank water really makes you aware of how long it is since it rained. The level in the tank has been gradually dropping, with none arriving to top it up for nearly a month. We were wondering if we might have to buy some water to get us through summer. So the rain that arrived late today was very welcome.
The plants all enjoyed a good soak, too.
Most of the water they receive is recycled, so some fresh water was probably quite a treat for them.

And if you are reading this, Jenni, here's some sweet peas from Ocean Grove:
Their perfume is wafting through the whole house. Lovely! They grew from seeds gathered last year from plants grown from seeds Jenni gave me the year before.


  1. I hope your water tank is now adequately replenished, but you thought you would have to BUY water? Does that mean you're not attached to the main water supply?

    1. That's right, we catch our water when it rains. There's no water mains out here in the sticks.

  2. Many thanks Vireya for thinking of me with your vase of sweet peas. Saw a houseboat on the Amsterdam canal today, they were growing sweet peas, thought of home, not long now!!