Tuesday, April 3, 2018


This morning this big truck came to visit us:
Or more accurately, came to visit our waste treatment plant. The system has a service visit every three months. At the last inspection the technician informed us the tanks needed pumping out. It is 3 years since the plant was installed, (It is strange looking back at the linked post and seeing that 3 years ago there was no house here) but of course it has only been connected up and operating for about two and a half years.


Last Thursday my trusty Elna Lotus started sewing flat out all by itself while I wasn't even sitting at it. I think the foot control has a short in it. I've looked for replacements online, and I can buy one from Germany for about $120.  I'll have to think about that.

I used the treadle machine to finish the blocks I was making on Thursday, but it isn't very portable for going to sit & sew days. So today I pulled out my Singer 222K Featherweight, and spent time giving it a good oiling and a clean-out.

Its light doesn't work, which wasn't surprising. However a replacement LED bulb I had doesn't work either. More investigation will be needed into whether both bulbs are faulty or there is an electrical issue in the machine. Occasionally the motor seems to slip when I start sewing, and when I tried reverse the motor did the same thing. But it is a beautiful little machine, and it sewed this week's square of my year quilt onto last week's very nicely. It is light (although not really as light as a feather) and conveniently transportable in its carry box, so will be good for taking to sewing days if I can get the light working.

Later today I had to be in Ballarat for a meeting, and I popped into the Statewide Sewing Centre shop. I was a bit tempted by a new machine, but the saleslady did herself out of a sale by telling me they could put a new foot-control onto the Elna's cord for $68. So I'll be getting that done anyway.


  1. You really do need forceps and skinny fingers to clean out the 222k. Such a cute machine, maybe you could pick up an led light strip to use with it instead of replacing the globe.

  2. 3 years have flown by, I remember when your home was still on the plan. Electrical things seem to go at the same time, living with an electrician, doesn't mean it will get fixed straight away, I need to buy a couple of new cords for some things here at home. Quicker to do that.

  3. That's sounds a better alternative

  4. My featherweight light works but I never use it. I find the heat it puts out too intense. I like that it turns off separately, the 328 that I'm using right now doesn't.

  5. So glad you asked about having the foot control fixed, because that would be my expectation, that both those issues a good sewing machine mechanic would be able to sort out for you. Still new machines are tempting...just not cheap!