Friday, April 27, 2018

Last Row Begins

I think it is a while since I showed my full year quilt rather than just the weekly rosette. The completion of the 7th row is a good time to rectify that:
Forty-seven weeks of weather. It is interesting seeing how the colours have changed through the year. Our winter temperatures were much more stable than the rest of the year. Summer highs in particular bounced up and down over a very wide range of temperatures.

And here is week 48, which is the beginning of the final row:
Not stitched together at all yet!

Here are the temperatures that determined the colours of each hexagon:

27/04/2018    15.6    green
26/04/2018    16.3    green
25/04/2018    20.1    yellow
24/04/2018    22.3    yellow
23/04/2018    26.3    orange  - probably the last appearance of orange.
22/04/2018    22.8    yellow
21/04/2018    24.3    yellow

My ginkgo is now almost completely yellow, and glows in the sun against the dark tree-trunks behind it:

My wind-flowers have started opening. This pink one is surprising - I wasn't expecting so many petals, or the shape of the petals:
I also have a white one, (thanks, Jeanette) which is just starting to develop buds.

Speaking of buds:
It looks like the tree dahlia could have flowers this year! That's the first time since we moved here. Grown from a cutting from the city garden, it has grown taller each year. I hope these buds get a chance to open before we get a frost.

Linked to Sarah's weekly Weather Report.


  1. WOW! that is going to be a gorgeous quilt--beautiful work--and I love your color choices--does that mean I'd love your weather hahaha?? ;)))
    No kidding though, really pretty hugs, Julierose

  2. Your quilt is gorgeous - such vibrant, bright colors. I freaked a little this week when I realized that I only have 3 more rosettes to finish my quilt. Luckily I bought backing fabric this week so it should be an easy project to get it spray basted ASAP and get right on to the quilting before this becomes a top in a random pile.

  3. Love it. I'm tempted to make one myself after I finish my La Passion.

  4. The temperature quilt and the garden are beautiful. I was expecting more blues and greens to finish the end of the quilt. I guess this records the changes in our weather.

  5. Your quilt is growing beautifully. It is very interesting to see how the highest temperature changes every day. Maybe someday I will start making one for me.

  6. The quilt is looking fantastic. I do hope there is a bit of blue to balance out the bottom. Hard to believe it is nearly a year since it was started.

  7. I love the Temperature hexie project. The color changes are so interesting.

  8. A brilliant and beautiful quilt. The year has flown by.

  9. Your quilt is a wonderful visual depiction of our weather.

  10. I can't believe it is nearly to the end. There will be a lot more yellows and greens now. Great work.