Friday, April 13, 2018

Summer's Last Gasp?

This was a week of summer temperatures. Looking at the weather forecast I thought we might even have a red day or two.

Red like the leaves on one of the crepe myrtles:

Or the red starting to appear on the liquidambar:

As it was, we got within one degree of a red hexie, but had to be content with a bunch of orange.

Orange like this abutilon flower:

 Or like this Echeveria "Topsy Turvy" flower:

By the end of the week the temperatures had fallen back to yellow.

Yellow like the leaves of my ginkgo glowing against the grey of the bush:

Or the heart-shaped leaves on my redbud, Cercis canadensis:

So here is week forty-six of my temperature-based year quilt:
(Only half sewn together, which is why that piece of thread is visible. Sorry if it is driving you nuts wanting to pick it off!)

And here are our temperatures:

13/04/2018    20.5    yellow
12/04/2018    24.6    yellow
11/04/2018    29.3    orange
10/04/2018    28.7    orange
9/04/2018      25.6    orange
8/04/2018      28.1    orange
7/04/2018      23.8    yellow

I don't think the weather will be this warm again before my year quilt is finished. It's probably good-bye to summer, as the forecast for the week ahead is all green and aqua.

Linked to Sarah's weekly weather report.


  1. Love your flowers. We definitely had red spdays

  2. Who would have thought you would have those lovely autumn colours complementing a week of late summer temperatures?

  3. Love that topsy-turvy flower's colorways. You are good-bye and we are greeting warmth with open arms--Winter does not want to let go here..warmer today though 57 degrees F. That's the warmest we've been in a heck of a while...I want to begin a temp hexie project--have to make my chart for colors first...hugs for a wonderful weekend Julierose

  4. Your temperature hexie is so pretty. I love seeing the colors changing with the seasons.

  5. Gorgeous block! Isn't it interesting to watch the changes?

  6. You have gotten better temperatures than me.

  7. Fantastic fabrics. Sadly I'm not familiar with most of the plants, save the ginko. Enjoy the end of your summer weather!!! No spring or summer weather for us yet - it's snowing again. LOL