Friday, April 20, 2018

Week Forty-Seven

This week started with a taste of what is to come (Saturday was cold and wintry), but ended with beautiful sunny days:

20/04/2018    23.3    yellow
19/04/2018    22.3    yellow
18/04/2018    20.9    yellow
17/04/2018    13.9    aqua/teal
16/04/2018    17.4    green
15/04/2018    13.3    aqua/teal
14/04/2018    10.6    aqua/teal - brrrr!

Days like the last few are why autumn is my favourite time of year. Cool evenings and mornings, and beautiful days of warm but not hot sunshine.

Instead of photos from my garden this week, here are a couple from the garden of a friend I visited today for a sewing day:
Strong contrast between the bright sunshine and the shaded parts of the garden. Her house does have a roof, it is bleached out of the photo by the intense light. The sky was really a beautiful clear blue.
Perhaps we should have sat out here for our sewing!

Linked to Sarah's weekly weather report. Sarah is not enjoying her weather much at the moment.


  1. A perfect garden for sitting and sewing.

  2. Well, get ready for the cold day on Thursday. Oh my....

  3. Those hexies are really nice for your temperatures. I'm looking forward to warmer summer days.

  4. Oh it's getting cold at your place...

  5. Great block - such interesting fabrics!