Sunday, April 22, 2018

Thread Storage

Yesterday at Bunnings in Geelong I was browsing through the storage area, and came across these containers:
They are "Stackable Caddy Organisers" that clip together so you can lift several with the top handle. Each one has three different sized compartments. I thought they could be handy for sorting out and holding the various types of thread I currently have all in one big tub. But I couldn't find a shelf label with a price anywhere. I took them up to the front counter just to ask the price, as they looked like they might be a bit pricey. I was quite surprised to be told they were only $8 each, because they were discontinued. (Regular price $25 each, according to Mr Google.) So I snapped up all the remaining stock. And here they are with all my different quilting threads in them:
That freed up the thread-holding tub, which now holds my quilting rulers. And the container that was holding the rulers now has some other bits and pieces that were sitting round without a home. So the nett effect is that my sewing room is just a little more organised.


  1. Good find. My sewing room is a complete mess. I periodically tackle the mess but it is soon out of control partly because I am not good at putting things away

  2. Great find and use. I think we quilters just see what's on offer in stores differently from other folks.
    But I am a bit like Kate, in the end I need to just put things away.

  3. What a stroke of fortune! I like how you put them to good use straight away, and could then move things along in your other storage containers. My husband groans whenever I as much look at plastic containers! But we need them, don’t we?

  4. Awesome purchase, very jealous....going to check out my local Bunnings to see if they have any left!

  5. A lucky find, they look just the right size for threads!