Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Not All Ready

Yesterday we received an email asking for our TreeProject trees to be delivered to the co-ordinator, ready for the landholder to come and collect them. These are the seeds that were sown back in December.

Some of our trees are very ready for planting out. For example, these mallee wattles, Acacia montana:

and these grey mallees, Eucalyptus socialis:
Yes, I know there are some weeds in there, but they are in tubes which are otherwise empty. They won't be going to the landholder.

Not all the trees are ready to plant. In fact none of the desert hakeas have germinated yet. I'm not worried about them yet as last time we grew hakeas they didn't germinate until the weather cooled down. Perhaps the seeds really need to be chilled before sowing?

I was worried about the common fringe myrtles, Calytrix tetragona. I've never grown them before. They are said to have very low germination rates, so I thought that perhaps we had had a complete failure with them. But look what has just started to happen:

So 5 boxes of seedlings will be leaving soon, but we will probably have 2 to look after through winter. Hopefully they will grow well and be ready to plant out in spring.

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