Saturday, April 14, 2018

Sewing Bee

We started the day with donated blocks, roughly sorted into piles of warm, cool and neutral colours:
And ended the day with 12 or 13 assembled quilt tops of various sizes:

Along the way there was a lot of:


Shuffling of blocks, and arranging them on every flat surface.
including the floor.

Sewing machines included my Singer featherweight, a 70s Husqvana, a couple of Pfaffs, several Janomes and a couple of Berninas.
Eleven machines in all (one not visible), and two more volunteers who concentrated on cutting, pressing, and making cups of tea.


Then lots of finished tops.

And happy quilters! Particularly me, as I had been worried that no-one would turn up, or that everything would go wrong and the day would be a complete disaster. But in fact there were lots of volunteers, and everyone seemed to have a good day. Phew!


  1. Fantastic! A brilliant turn out, lots of sewing fun and many, many finished tops. Even the power stayed on despite the ghastly weather. You have really excelled this time.

  2. Forgot to say how nice it is to see your Featherweight having an outing.

  3. Brilliant response and great quilt tops. Well done everyone!

  4. The quilts look wonderful. Congratulations on a successful day.

  5. Good for you!! Amazing array of quilts--I especially like the brown/red one--glad it turned out so well...hugs, Julierose

  6. All look marvellous. It is amazing how productive (and fun) it is to work together

  7. Beautiful quilts!!! It seems it worthwhile and you all had lot of work and much fun.

  8. You ended up with some lovely quilts. A very fun day too. I love the mixed colour quilt. Great designs.

  9. WOW! those blocks made fabulous quilts....