Monday, April 23, 2018

"So Fine" Thread

I don't like it!

Because this keeps happening:
The tread un-plies itself, separates and kinks up.

And when I lift the needle, you can see there's a problem underneath:

This is the sort of mess I get on the back:

Co-incidentally, this very appropriate pin badge arrived today:

I seem to have spent more time unpicking than actual quilting over the last couple of days. I've slowed down, changed the needle, brushed out lint, everything I can think of. I'm using the correct size needle according to the thread manufacturer's website. If this was the first time I'd had problems, I wouldn't necessarily blame the thread. But the previous time I used this brand of thread (although a different spool) I had exactly the same problems. Shredding and creating knots on the back.

So, is it just me? I find lots of rave reviews for So Fine around the internet, and I haven't found anyone else mentioning this sort of problem. But I've used 2 spools of this thread on two different quilts, and had the same problem both times. And in between I have used lots of different threads without these problems.

Added Later:
After writing this post, I did a search for "So Fine" on a Sweet 16 facebook group. Here are a few snippets from the results:

"My Tiara is shredding thread. I am using So Fine. I've changed the needle, cleaned and oiled the bobbin case, re-threaded, checked tension - stitching looks fine. Anyone else have this problem?"

"What can be causing my thread to fray? Superior thread so fine"

"I've been having some issues with the top thread shredding. I'm quilting fine for 10-20 mins and then I get some loops on the back and the top thread shredding. I'm using So Fine"

"Here's the problem: everything is good as far as tension, but the thread is shredding just above the needle! I'm using "So Fine" on top and bottom. Why is it shredding?"

"I am quilting with Superior So Fine thread and all of a sudden I am having a problem with it shredding. My tension is fine, any suggestions?"

"I'm having issues with the thread shredding & breaking as well as skipped stitches. I've cleaned the machine, changed the needle, triple checked that the needle is in the right way, still having issues. Any suggestions? I'm using So Fine"

"Unfortunately my machine wasn't happy with the So Fine thread by Superior Threads so I had to stop using it."

All of this confirms my suspicion that there is something about So Fine thread that is causing the shredding, rather than it being me.


  1. I use the So Fine most of the time and LOVE it. I do think different machine handle thread differently. My go to solution for thread problems is to run three or four bead lines of liquid silicone down the spool of thread and see if that makes a difference.

  2. Very interesting! I have had this trouble with with other types of thread. I have used so fine a couple times. Is your thread on a spool or a cone? that might make a difference. I am going to look into Needled moms idea .

  3. I've never used this thread, but i can see how frustrating it must be to have this happen over and over and then having to U-PICK it all--one of my least favorite pastimes...i would switch for sure, jes sayin' hugs, and good luck Julierose

  4. I can't tell from the photo if it is a topstitch needle. One with a bigger eye to stop rubbing but assume it is.
    Also, I read that you should check the whole thread path for potential rough spots that may rub the thread. Also that the flex of the needle may bring it too close to the hook when moving in a particular direction. Finally that the timing may be out by a very small amount causing the needle to split the thread. I'll send the link.

  5. Never used that thread but I'm sure it would be frustrating.

  6. Sounds like the problem is the thread not you or your machine.

  7. Damn, sounds very frustrating! Seems like that brand thread and your sewing machine are just not a good fit!

  8. Damn, sounds very frustrating! Seems like that brand thread and your sewing machine are just not a good fit!

  9. Some threads don't work on my older Benina. Good to know it wasn't you.