Saturday, March 31, 2018


 This is why I went to Maldon:
 Maldon Combined Quilters have their show this weekend. The show is small, but quite nice. A few quilters had quilted their own quilts, which I always like to see.

Trees are starting to change for autumn:

Looking at the size of the gutters, do you think they must get some heavy rain at times?

Maldon Post Office looks like many other buildings around the country:
 But a plaque on the wall tells of a famous former resident:
Her novel The Getting of Wisdom was one of my favourites among the books I had to read for school.

Unlike the post office, this building is not like anything I've seen elsewhere:
The building is from the 1800's. But is the 3D brickwork original, or has it been added when the building was renovated? The same 3D effect appears on the parapet above the verandah, which would seem to imply it is original. But it is so wild!  

I just don't know.


  1. The house is interesting, I remember it looking like that in my childhood. But you guessed correctly, the facade was added in a renovation, in 1865! You can read about the interesting owner in this paper

  2. I love Maldon. It is a pretty town. The quilt shop has a bargain or two..

  3. Kicking myself when we went to Maldon to ride the train we didnt see the Post Office, that is amazing brickwork! I have spent some of my weekend sewing up some of the fabric I brought in Maldon....did you buy anything?

  4. I love Maldon, during Autumn I scoop and bag up the leaves out of those wide gutters for our chook pen, they love to scratch around in them.