Sunday, March 11, 2018


The weather bureau is predicting that we won't get any decent rain for another 6 weeks, which is a bit depressing as everything is so dry. It is hard to keep the garden going, but the danger from fires is increasing as everything dries out. The fire last Wednesday was apparently started by someone using an angle-grinder. Who knows what started this one?
Fire on Mt Buninyong, which was out of control for over an hour.

The mountain is about 12kms from here, and can't be seen from our place. But I went up the hill to the next-door neighbours' house to see what they could see:
Smoke on the mountain.

No-one would be using an angle-grinder on a walking track through a forest on a Sunday afternoon. Maybe a cigarette butt?

No fires here today:
After a week of firing to dry it out, the pizza oven today got its final coats of paint.


  1. Bit of a disturbing report in today's paper about the state of power lines. Good thing is the brigades are well resourced and respond very quickly and in big numbers to every incident.
    The oven in looking very festive now.

  2. No rain, so depressing. We have started to place a bucket in the shower to catch the water as we shower. Our garden is so dry, it is starting to crack.