Sunday, March 25, 2018

Before and After

I recently purchased a couple of these panels for quilting practice:
One panel becomes two little "Quilts of Love" to donate:

Here's the two striped border areas:
The top one I quilted with a ruler a grid of straight lines. I got a bit more adventurous in the lower one. The central curve was done with a curvy ruler, but the rest was free-hand.

The rest of the quilting is hard to see in photos of the fronts, so here is the back of each little quilt:


  1. Fantastic quilting... Beautiful little Quilts of love.

  2. Very impressive quilting. Such a good idea to use panels for practise.

  3. What a great idea--your quilting is just lovely hugs, Julierose

  4. Great quilting Vireya and beautiful quilts for a great cause. Well done!! ♥

  5. Beautiful quilts and quilting.