Friday, March 23, 2018

The Return Of...

Isn't this a pretty spot to sit?
It is a little garden area out the front of Inheritance Patchwork in the small town of Birregurra. It was the last stop before heading home after day trip with some quilting friends.

First stop for the day was the Colac Quilters biennial exhibition. This year it is at the Colac Showgrounds, in a huge tin shed that got pretty warm on this lovely sunny day. The huge space meant that there was plenty of room to view the quilts. A collection of staged picnic scenes with quilts and vintage vehicles are scattered around the exhibition.

VW Kombi:

Very vintage!

This car is a Singer, and was surrounded by Singer machines.
But as far as I can tell the only connection between the two companies is that they were both called Singer.

As for the actual quilts, there were lots to look at, in styles from traditional to modern. A disappointment for me was that almost every quilt was professionally quilted. In fact it seemed that the only quilts in the exhibition that were quilted by the maker were those made by Wendy Gleeson, who is a professional long-arm quilter with a business in Colac.

It was a great day out, but back to the important feature of any Friday. This week's temperatures!

And here we see what the title of this post refers to; the return of AQUA! Aqua was the main colour I used all through winter. We've had no aqua days since the first week of summer (and even then they seemed unseasonable). And here we are with the first hint of the return of the cold weather, an aqua day in March:

23/03/2018    26.9    orange
22/03/2018    27.2    orange
21/03/2018    21.0    yellow
20/03/2018    14.7    aqua/teal
19/03/2018    22.9    yellow
18/03/2018    22.0    yellow
17/03/2018    28.4    orange

The fabric I used for Tuesday looks quite blue against all that yellow and orange. It really is aqua though.

So that is week 43 of my year quilt.  One of the women on the trip with me today is thinking she would like to make one too. She was trying to persuade me to make another one when this one is finished, so we can work on them together. We'll see...

If you would like to check out what is happening with people who are making hexie temperature quilts right now, have a look at Sarah's weekly Weather Report.


  1. Interesting way to get the men involved in setting up. Also gave some of the drivers something to look at.

    I guess in a town of around 3000 everyone would need to support the local business. Did the longarmer do custom work or was it all computerised pattern?
    The weather quilt is soon to be finished or not. You might miss it .

  2. What a great idea to incorporate the cars with the quilts. Good way to get the men involved.
    Nice weather last week.

  3. Great combination of cars and quilts. Reminds me of the World of Wearable Art museum in Nelson NZ which shares premises with classic cars.

  4. It seems you had fun. I like the way the quilts were displayed with the vintage cars. And you got a new pretty temperature roseta.

  5. I love the way those quilts were displayed. Your weather hexie looks so pretty. Seems like the temps are cooling down a bit. Still lots of oranges though,

  6. I have to agree--(not that there is anything wrong with professionally quilted quilts) but for me, the maker's "hand" is what is interesting. I love how my Grand-mere's and Mom's stitches were not "perfect" in their allows me to feel that whatever I do, is okay....our temps are around 40+ degrees ...hoping for Spring to come soon--want to find a lovely dwarf fruit tree for our front garden sitting area...just have to do some research....hugs, Julierose

  7. What a lovely quilt show with all those cars.

  8. The Colac Quilters organised a very interesting exhibition with the use of all those 'props'.

  9. What a clever idea to set up the old cars with the quilts. It's too bad the building was so warm but it's a neat concept. Very strange tho that hardly anyone quilted their own quilts. Kinda sad - makes you wonder if they just don't like to quilt or don't think it's show worthy. Gorgeous colors in your rosette this week. I'm sure you're thrilled to be bringing the teals back! Can I also help convince you to do another temp quilt??!! I'll be doing another but I think I've settled on a simpler & much smaller version since a person can only use so many larger quilts. The next one will be a like a banner to hang on the wall - hopefully with others in the coming years.