Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Holes in Things

The labels I had for sewing onto the little quilts I finished the other day were printed on some very tough fabric. I managed to put a hole near the top of my middle finger:
Not an easy photo to take!

I wasn't even aware that I use my middle finger when hand-sewing. But there you go, I push the needle with this finger. And after I got the needle stuck in the hole several times, I had to stop hand-sewing. Maybe it is time for a thimble!

I've never worn a thimble, although I know I have a couple somewhere. But of course I couldn't find them.

Yesterday after a trip to the dentist where he informed me I have a two teeth with holes that need filling (actually a couple of fillings that need to be removed and replaced), I went shopping for a thimble but couldn't find one that fitted me.

Today I was in a different part of town, and found this one:
It's not ideal, as the metal cap is on the fingertip. But as you might see in the photo above, I'm not using the tip of my finger to push the needle. At least I can do some sewing for now, and when I go to AQC next week I will look for a better option. Any recommendations for brands or styles of thimble?

As if holes in my teeth and my finger were not enough, this also happened today:
Fortunately it could be repaired and I didn't need to buy a new tyre.

This is the fourth punctured tyre I've had since I started this blog!
2015 again
Am I just unlucky?


  1. That's the thimble I use and love. For me to get used to a thimble I wore it every day doing everything, except in water. Now I can't sew without a thimble.

  2. I also use this thimble when I hand sew. I like that it is pliable around your finger...sorry to hear of your multiple hole problems...hugs, Julierose

  3. I have never got the hang of a thimble, think you need to persist with this one for awhile and see how it goes. I think fillings at dentist is worse then tyre repairs! You built a house = debris like nails around about the yard, in the dirt? Or did it happen elsewhere?

  4. I used a Clover adjustable thimble for years. I don't push with the top of my finger but pad . Also I found a leather thimble for buttonholing works well.
    The dentist reminds me we are lucky to still have our own teeth. Good luck.

  5. Wow...it has been a hole-y week there. I cannot use thimbles either. I end up using the next finger when I have a thimble in place. Instead I use the little thimble leather dots. They are fabulous.

  6. Interesting theme, at least the hole in the finger is self mending. I have got so used to hand sewing with a thimble I can't do it without one. Mine is a Roxanne and I use the side not tip of the finger. The Japanese ring thimbles look interesting. It really depends on what stitching technique you use.

  7. They say that things come in 3's, finger, tyre and teeth..... I am unable to use a thimble, they don't seem to fit my finger and I end up taking them off.

  8. Can't use a thimble either and like Mary I use the leather dots. Have sent you a photo of them. Okay.
    You sure are having a run of holes. Is that a pin board tack in the tyre ???

  9. I have a small flexible leather thimble with a small metal bit on it. I also push with my middle finger so that is where I wear the thimble. AQC should be a good place to see a variety of styles. Punch with Judy would probably have them. See if you can try them on before you buy,.