Friday, March 9, 2018


A hint of autumn as some leaves on my Japanese maple begin to turn red:

But there is lots of red elsewhere in the garden.

Rose "Mr Lincoln" looking a bit heat-scorched:

Lovely red geranium:
(That's from the cutting you gave me, Jenni.)

Paintbrush lily, Haemanthus coccineus:

Propeller plant, Crassula falcata:

Red valerian, Centranthus ruber:
with bonus butterfly.

Homegrown tomatoes:

And finally, this week's temperature rosette:
The first time in four weeks that we have had two red days in a week. Here's the top temperature (C) for each day of week 41:

9/03/2018    31.1    red
8/03/2018    30.2    red
7/03/2018    29.1    orange
6/03/2018    22.5    yellow
5/03/2018    17.2    green
4/03/2018    20.5    yellow
3/03/2018    29.7    orange

Lined to Sarah's weekly Weather Report


  1. Loved the paintbrush lily last year, and I still do this year.
    Some great oranges in your rosette but I would prefer there were more green and yellow with rain.

    1. Both those oranges came from you, so thank you!

  2. You went through a great range of temperatures too. Only ours are closer to freezing. I love that paintbrush lily. I don't think I have ever seen one of those. Are they perennials? I wonder if they would survive in our cold climate. I must check them out.

  3. Haha... I think we have had 30 + all along. Your colours are looking great. Your flowers are beautiful

  4. Gorgeous fabrics in this week's block. Looks a little to hot though.

  5. Woah - those were some red hot days. I'm not even ready to think about those kind of temps yet. I'm still loving your garden photos to match your rosette :)