Friday, March 2, 2018

Oranges and Lemons

The base of the pizza oven now has a coat of render:
It's getting closer to completion every day.

And so is this:
Forty weeks of my year quilt! The bottom row is only pinned in place, as I haven't finished appliquéing week 40:

This week's temperatures were a mix of orange and yellow:
2/03/2018      24.4    yellow
1/03/2018      22.3    yellow
28/02/2018    25.8    orange
27/02/2018    29.9    orange
26/02/2018    24.9    yellow
25/02/2018    15.9    green
24/02/2018    26.6    orange

So here are a few spots of orange and yellow  from the garden. First is Echevaria "Doris Taylor":

A nasturtium in one of my hanging baskets:

Paper daisy:

 and a Knifophia - red hot poker, although this one is more of a yellow-and-orange poker:
The spinebill I posted about yesterday loves the knifophia flowers as well. Wattlebirds also enjoy them.

Linked to Sarah's Weekly Weather Report where you can see several temperature year quilts in progress.


  1. Pizza oven getting closer to usage.. love the orange flowers

  2. Your garden is looking lovely, we need to completely strip the beds and redo, everything has dried up and been there for 39 years.

  3. Wow! Your temperature quilt looks great, as do your flowers!

  4. Great flowers for this weeks rosette. And of course, gotta use hexie fabrics on our hexies!!! Your overall quilt is so soothing the way it progresses from the blues to the yellows/oranges. I can't believe we are so close to finishing this - it feels like we just started...