Monday, November 7, 2016

No(vember) UFOs

No UFO numbers have been announced for November. I don't want to annoy the person who was doing it, so I'm just keeping on working on my Wild and Goosey sashing:
I have only 11 more to make! If you look closely you might notice that some of the sashing units have a different background colour. I was running out of black and grey fabrics. I'm considering a couple of arrangements of the different coloured backgrounds. My decision will determine how many of the remaining units will be black or blue or maybe even something else. Then I need to decide what will go in all those cornerstone gaps you can see.

In the garden, another rugosa rose has started to flower:
Isn't it lovely? It is "Conrad F Meyer".


  1. I love rugosa roses. That is one regret of moving, leaving all my rose bushes behind. But I've already started planning for new ones.

  2. I can bring you some grey/black's to CBD if you want them. How big a piece?