Thursday, November 24, 2016

Day in the City

Today was my regular monthly get-together with quilting friends in Melbourne. I stitched down binding as we spoke of many things.
I don't think I have touched this since our last meeting a month ago, but I'm about half way round now.

Today is also my son's birthday, so after the quilting meeting I spent some time with him. Together we visited the Myer Christmas windows, which was a lovely reminder of something we did every year when he was little. Back then we lived in Carlton, and walked into the city. It's a bit more of a trek for each of us now. The windows tell the story of "One Christmas Eve" by Corinne Fenton. I wasn't familiar with the book, not having any small children around. But my son and I both found the windows charming. There are lots of cute reminders of my own childhood, like hula hoops and a child swinging around on a Hills hoist. But here's my favourite little touch:
 A tyre swan in the garden!


  1. A true Australian icon. Made me smile

  2. Ok, now I understand the comment some one made about you needing a tyre swan in your yard. I thought she was referring to a breed of swan, LOL