Sunday, November 6, 2016

Creswick Garden Lovers

This weekend has been the Creswick Garden Lovers Festival. Lots of gardens around the town were open, and there was a flower show in the town hall. I took many photos, but I just found this video which could have saved me the whole trip!

I visited three private gardens, two commercial ones, and the flower show today. Plus got caught up in the crowds at another open garden which wasn't actually part of the Creswick event.

A few photos from the gardens I saw:

 This quirky garden was more about the constructions than the plants.
 It wasn't boring!

This garden is probably a bit more my style:
 Beautiful coppery-orange rose:
I've never seen a rose this colour before.

I know where they got these panels:
The same place our gate panels came from. But what about this:
 A huge ball of harrow discs. Where could I get some of those, I wonder?

Bees love echiums, which is why I wouldn't want to sit here:

A rose arbour just starting out:

A wisteria walk just starting out:
It would be interesting to re-visit this one in a couple of years to see how it develops.

A garden with 60 varieties of peonies:

An unusual water plant in a bowl:

An interesting day all round!

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  1. Lovely gardens! I do so looking around open gardens, great ideas can be found. The water plant looks like a South African plant, Aponogeton distachyos, known as water hawthorn or Cape pondweed.