Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Found My Magenta

The constant fabric in En Provence, Bonnie Hunter's mystery this year, is magenta. Until today I didn't have any single piece of the right colour. Somewhat appropriately, I found this at Eureka Patchwork:
The lighter paint chip on the left is Bonnie's original suggestion. She said that the fabric should really be darker but her hardware store didn't have a dark enough paint chip. She showed her magenta fabric, and someone else who had the same fabric posted that it was closer to the two paints on the right. So I think this one should be just right.

I wasn't necessarily going to make my quilt the full size, but I bought the full amount of this fabric just in case. So here's my fabric sorted out for the mystery:
I probably will need a bit more dark purple, and perhaps some yellow. But I have plenty of all the other colours. The mystery starts in about nine days, and I'm ready for it!


  1. I found the colours much darker than my computer screen indicated when I used the Colour Tool numbers. I am also ready for the start having picked up some perfect purples, yellow and green at the Spring Gathering on Saturday.

  2. I have yet to get the magenta; I really like your choice! My friend and I are going shopping on Saturday. We don't have an LQS, so we have to drive a little further to one outside our area.

  3. Great fabrics! I'd say you are ready for this year.