Sunday, November 27, 2016

Flowers and Swans

Another rose blooming:
"Perfume Perfection" - although it is too low to the ground for me to confirm if it deserves the name.

A callistemon in flower:
This plant was grown from seed collected in my old garden. It is growing on the grave of my old dog Merle. So it is a rather sentimental plant.

Today I walked all around Lake Wendouree in Ballarat, which is about 6km. Add in the distance to and from where I had to park, and it was a big walk! The occasion was the Springfest Market, which sees market stalls set up around the lake, and thousands of people walking in the spring sunshine.

On the way around the lake I enjoyed seeing the various swan families.

Tiny cygnets:
Larger cygnets:
I lost count of how many swan families there are. But they seem to each have their own territory around the lake. In one spot I saw two adults (presumably the males) from adjacent families swimming up and down beside each other with their feathers all ruffled up, trying to scare each other off.

But I only saw one family of ducks:
Australian wood ducks with 8 ducklings.


  1. Maybe a tyre swan for your garden to keep these locals company. The noisy miners have almost torn my callistemons apart, leaving a carpet of red on the entry stairs.

  2. Baby swans always make me smile because I when one of my kids were little ( can't remember who said it first!) they couldn't pronounce "cygnets" and instead called them " singlets" - a
    so of course we now always call them "baby singlets" instead of cygnets!!!

    1. Now I'm going to have to start calling them "singlets" too!