Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Day of Piecing

The first clue of the mystery quilt was released at midnight last night. I had a read through it then, but wasn't about to start sewing straight away. Although I did read about one keen quilter in NZ who was planning to get up at 2:00am and start sewing!

Before I could tackle the mystery, I wanted to get another piecing job done. These blocks will become more Christmas decorations like the ones I made a couple of weeks ago:
I did all the cutting and sewing of these today, but I haven't decided yet if they should be sewn together in matching or contrasting pairs. Maybe I will do a mixture. I need to find some ribbon, and get some more filling, before I can finish them.

Then it was time to get stuck in to the first mystery clue. I had to pull out fabrics for each colour, then there was a bit of cutting and sewing:
This is about 10% of the requirements for this week.

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  1. Love your green & yellow combo pattern! You've made more progress on your mystery quilt than I. I have the cutting done with the exception of some blues, and after seeing your one blue fabric, I may go ahead and cut into one I have that is similar. I felt it might have too much white, but seeing yours, it looks nice. I'll be sewing today :)