Monday, November 11, 2013

Still Cool

These gazanias were looking very cheerful in my garden today:
They look a lot more summery than the weather has been!

Meanwhile I was amused by this item on the website of The Age today:
Not sure I need financial advice from someone who can't count the number of digits in 1,000,000.


  1. Perhaps that missing 0 indicates the residual after paying the commission!

  2. I think the text is somewhat ambiguous. With the words in brackets is how I see it.

    You've ( already) got your six figure goal - so how are you going to get there (to your first million)

    1. I must admit I didn't think of that interpretation!

      The Age changed it later in the day to read "seven figure", so I can't have been the only person who read it the way I did.

    2. Lol! I wonder if they consulted with the author before changing it?