Saturday, November 9, 2013

Scatterday - K

What a pretty K! Our categories today are:
in your neighbourhood, edible, container, and something king size from the sewing room.

In My Neighbourhood:
Someone's idea of a koala. There are three of these perched in trees in this mall in my suburb. I don't know who is responsible for them, and I'm not sure what they are made of, as they are up quite high.
Added later: Thanks to Dee in the comments, I now know that the koalas are part of the same MoreArt festival as the giant worms. I should have realised! The artist is Aaron James McGarry, and he made the koalas of plastic shopping bags. Details in the link Dee posted: How much plastic can a koala bear?

Also in my neighbourhood - quite a few kebab shops. The crowds at Melbourne Kebab Station lead me to believe it must be the best. It has been there for years, but others open up and close down regularly. It is not uncommon to see no-one buying the rival kebabs while at the same time the queues spill out onto the footpath at MKS.

This one was tricky. So many containers, so few starting with K! This is an Ikea storage box called "Kassett". I have a few of them on the shelves in my loungeroom holding bits and pieces. But their main purpose is to allow double-height CD storage. i.e. I have one row of CDs in front of the boxes, and another row on top, allowing twice as many CDs on each shelf.

King Size:
Giant bulldog clips used when basting quilts (tape measure for scale). Last seen in action here. They would have been quite expensive, but I got them very cheap when this colour was discontinued.

Well that's it for my Ks. You can find links to other people's Scatterday posts on Cinzia's blog.


  1. Vireya, your cute Koalas are made from plastic shopping bags.

    1. Sorry, forgot the link I was going to add.

    2. Thanks, Dee! I've updated the post to include your info.

  2. You did well with your Ks, Vireya! Even I could have koalas in my trees if I made them with plastic bags!

  3. Love the koalas - recycling at its best. Always fascinating how some people can make businesses work, when others just can not get it right.

  4. Your K-array is great. MKS is on my next Melb itinerary. Every crowd tells a story.

  5. PS for some reason unless I type continuously, the text here goes... The koal is fantastic I would like a couple around here. Imagine 500 placket bags in a heap.