Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ballaarat Quilters Show

A day out in the country, firstly to take my mother to the Ballaarat Quilters Exhibition. It's the third time we've been there since I started blogging. Here's 2009 and 2011. I'm obviously repeating myself.

Mum recently turned 85. She is becoming much less mobile, but she still hasn't gone grey except for a touch at the temple. I don't take after her in that respect, having started to go grey in my twenties.

After taking her back home, there was time to visit a few other attractions in the area. Who could resist this:
A combination nursery and antique shop! Behind the buildings, trees and shrubs for sale are arranged like a garden you can stroll through. It was a very pleasant break from the drive.


  1. I love Ballarat. Fabulous architecture and lots of quirky businesses

  2. Your Mum is looking well, Vireya. Would love to go to the Nursery/Antique shop. Missed the exhibition again, perhaps next time.