Thursday, November 28, 2013

Colours of Summer

Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt starts before the end of the week, and I still haven't gathered my fabrics. I've pulled out the neutrals, but haven't started looking for the other colours yet. Assuming I stick with Bonnie's colour range, here's roughly how the colour scheme will look:
Although there should be more blue. The blues and oranges are meant to be roughly equal in area. It is still feeling very summery to me. Today in the city I was struck by this ad on a tram stop:
Hello Summer indeed! (Ignore the fact that it was cool and rainy at the time.) Apart from the red border, this ad just about follows Bonnie's colour scheme. Blue for the sky and ocean, the green of the pine-lime splice and on the label of the calippo, orange for the golden gaytime, the calippo is yellow, and the neutrals are the sand.

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