Saturday, November 23, 2013

Scatterday - G

It seems I lost count of how many letters we had left in the Scatterdays journey. I thought last time we doing our antepenultimate letter, but it fact this is the one that is our third-last:

And our categories are:
Something green from the sewing room.

Well this could have fitted three of those categories, but I'm using it for Body:
The green body of the first Elna sewing machine has contributed to it becoming known as the Grasshopper. It was made from 1940 to 1952. This is not a picture of mine, but it looks pretty much the same. The photo is from, a domain which is apparently going to be shut down in a couple of weeks.

I enjoy growing things. This is a piece of a plant I found yesterday that someone was throwing out. I couldn't grab the whole thing, but I hope this cutting will grow into a nice plant.

Grilled cheese still sizzling under the griller! I've eaten a lot of grilled-cheese-on-toast lunches in my life. This one was particularly yummy though, being more of a Welsh rarebit than just my usual slices of cheese on toast.

A selection of green things from my sewing room, including a sample of every stitch on the only new sewing machine I ever bought. That was in 1990, and it died in 1997. I had thought it was purely mechanical, but it actually had some computerised components, and when one of them broke it wasn't repairable. So I went back to using the Elna Lotus I had owned since 1982 (still going strong now), and have had no further desire to own a computerised sewing machine.

Check out the links on Cinzia's blog to see what the other Scatterdayers found for G. By my calculation we have only C and Y to go!


  1. Your found plant is a Begonia. Hope it has pretty flowers for you.

    Interesting old Elna. Do you still use yours?

    1. I haven't actually used the one I have that is this model.

  2. I love the sewing machine! It's very fun when you can combine several categories together to fulfill this challenge, isn't it? I too am a fan of grilled cheese - If I'd had my dictionary with me, I think my choices would have been more inspired, like yours are!

  3. What a Gas! Your machine is definitely a grasshopper. What a wonderful design and colour! Your G-collection from the sewing room is a lovely array of tones. I also like striking found plants and watching them survive. Hope it blooms a bunch. The grilled cheese is giving me the munchies at this late hour (9:02pm)

  4. A lovely collection of green things. Love the old green Elna sewing machine. We learned sewing at high school on baby Elnas - they were fantastic little machines!