Monday, November 4, 2013

The Race is Over

No, not the horse race. That's tomorrow. This is the glasses race that began nearly three weeks ago.
Today I picked up the local set. Of course, if they had been right the first time the race would have finished a week ago.

However I'm finding the focus on them a little strange, and it may take me a while to get used to them. And if I can't they will be going back again, so perhaps the race isn't really over yet!

Should I have to turn my head to read a full line across the computer screen? Keeping my head still only about the middle half of the screen is in focus, with the left and right sides blurry.


  1. I too wear glasses and finding frames I like and can afford is a real chore! Over time though, my eyes have done a bit of self-adjustment which has worked in my favor. I still wear the glasses when I drive, and when I do close-up work, but around the house I don't wear them at all: one eye sees pretty well for distance, the other eye sees better for close up - natural monocular vision. There is a distance range in the middle though that can be a problem, so I have to adjust myself to that - even the glasses don't much help. Optometrists have tried to get me to go to the blended lenses which I guess have 3 fields of vision - no thank you! I hope your glasses race has a good finish soon :)

  2. I have graduated lenses & need a new pair - not looking forward to that - it takes a while to get used to new glasses, I know! Don't think it should be fuzzy round the edges but you might have to be patient for a week or so!!! I will gird my loins soon & get to the optometrist soon - I think..................