Monday, November 18, 2013

More Pineapples

For my experiment with the "sew simple" pineapples on Friday, I started with 7cm squares. But I wondered what effect smaller starting-squares would have. Today I found out:
In the middle is my first experiment, which started at 7cm, and has 6 layers.
To the left is my second try. This time I started with 6cm, and again there are 6 layers. If I added two more layers it would be exactly the same size as the first one.
The small one on the right started with 5cm squares. There are only 3 layers, but I've positioned the ruler to show that it is still only 5cms in size. It hasn't grown, which means that if I tried to sew another layer on, it would be exactly over the top of the second layer, hiding it completely.

So it seems 7cms was a pretty good starting size. 6cm works, but the tiny extra strip of colour doesn't really seem worth the extra work to me. So I will stick with 7cms.

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