Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hello Summer!

Happy Summer, everyone! Well everyone in this part of the world, anyway. Melbourne turned on appropriate weather for the first day of summer, getting up to 31.

First bud on my replacement dahlia "Marie Antoinette" is opening, and this time it is not orange:
dahlia "Marie Antoinette"

Interesting bit of wildlife spotted this morning:
Australian Grapevine Moth caterpillar, Phalaenoides glycinae
Caterpillar of the Australian Grapevine Moth, Phalaenoides glycinae, on a grapevine.


  1. Love the petals coming out, it will be interesting to see what colour it is since it is supposed to be orange. Might be multi-couloured.

    1. Actually it is not meant to be orange, it is meant to be this colour. However, last year the one I purchased was orange. Mr Fothergills sent me this one as a replacement.