Sunday, December 22, 2013

Backyard Blooms

I have flowers on three vireyas at the moment, with another about to open with its first-ever bloom. Here are the largest and smallest flowers for comparison:
The large one is Chayya, and the small one is an unnamed hybrid Rhododendron lochiae x macgregoria. The third one in flower is Princess Alexandra. She is about half-way between these two in size, but has white flowers. There's a picture of her and Chayya together three years ago here. The vireyas weren't bothered by the heat the other day because they are protected by shadecloth.

Today we also opened up the bees in my yard and removed 8 full frames. That's about 16 kilos of honey. Busy bees! Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos until the hive was all closed up.

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  1. Who was the gardener your mother or father. Nice flower to have as your own.