Friday, December 6, 2013


This afternoon, while looking around my garden, I noticed this:
This is the planter near my front steps. What is wrong is probably not obvious to the casual observer, but see that black hole in the middle? There was a plant there last time I looked!

It wasn't a valuable plant. I think it was about $2 from the mark-down table at my local hardware retailer. But it was overcoming what they had done to it, and had started to grow and flower. All that was left today was one broken-off flower:
I don't think it was scratched out by an animal, as there was no sign of the plant anywhere around the pot or elsewhere in the garden. And although there was a bit of the potting mix on the leaves of the remaining plants, there wasn't any on the ground around the planter. So I can only assume that a human did this, but I really can't explain why.


  1. Someone considered it as 'have to have'. Surely they could have just taken a little or knocked on your door and asked for a piece when it were convenient.
    you made a wonderful job of revitalising it. Do you know its name? 9type of portulaca?)

    1. It was a hybrid kalanchoe succulent. They are pretty common. Whoever took it probably could have walked across the road and purchased one in a pot for around $4.

    2. Thnx .... Would never have guessed a is very pretty. I know the feeling about raising a plant bought in 'God's Waiting Room' at that big Mart. I hope the thief takes good care of it. A stinging nettle might be good in its place!

  2. Hmmm...isn't it awful to think that someone came into your yard and took that...what cheek! Someone once stole a hanging basket with a flowering cactus in it from the BBQ area in my backyard...took the lot! :-(