Saturday, February 3, 2018

Useful Gift

Last Christmas one side of the family ran a Kris Kringle instead of gifts for all. Our price limit was $5 to $10, so it wasn't an expensive activity! As the presents were opened in turn, we played one of those "steal the gift" games which can be so frustrating. I took along some Lindor balls, which one of the nieces was very happy to end up with. When it was my turn, I stole this gift:
I thought a little light box could be very useful for tracing patterns and the like. Of course it was stolen off me later, but by someone else who lives in this house so I ended up with it anyway! Whoever contributed it to the game over-spent - these cost $15 at Kmart.

Today I found another handy use for it. I started working on a project which includes some paper foundation piecing. Placing the papers face-down on the light box:
 Made it easy for me to put a dab of glue behind piece 1, then position the fabric:
 Thirty-six times!


  1. A popular present, one of these featured at my Christmas but not in a stealable KK. Great repurposing.

  2. Exactly the same mosel as mine! It works so well as a light box for tracing. The bonus is that you can run it via the usb cord, or batteries for portability- AND you can actually power it with only 3 batteries, not all 6! I showed mine to my MIL who does a lot of quilting, she went and and bought one too!

    1. Thanks for the battery tip! So far I've just used it with my USB phone charger plugged into the wall.

  3. I have an A4 size light box that only takes 4 batteries, great for portability and for sitting on my lap. Mine is several years old and not up to the technology stage.

  4. Think I need to go shopping. Looks great and sounds useful.
    Like this weeks flower.

  5. Great gift! I find that I use my light box more than I thought I would for paper piecing.