Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Outside and Inside

The pizza oven is now wrapped in a couple of layers of ceramic fibre blanket, held in place with chicken wire:
There will be render over the top of that, once the tiling is done.

Meanwhile inside I did some quilting practice:
More visible from the back:
Trying out a meander for the background - it's not something I've done before. Inside the squares will be something else. I needed to make a quilt or two for the guild's "Quilts of Love" program, so this panel I found on sale was the perfect solution. The panel made two tops, and the backing is left-over from one of my recent finishes.


  1. The chicken wire seems to be quilting the oven's blanket. Your meandering is better though.

  2. What a lovely meandering you accomplished!! Hugs, Julierose