Friday, February 9, 2018

Thirty Seven

Fortunately it is only week 37, not days of 37 degrees. We came close on Wednesday, but all of this week has been below body temperature:

9/02/2018    28.1    orange
8/02/2018    29.7    orange
7/02/2018    36.6    magenta
6/02/2018    30.5    red
5/02/2018    30.3    red
4/02/2018    28.8    orange
3/02/2018    24.7    yellow

This week could be titled, "I get by with a little help from my friends", as the two red fabrics were given to me by Sharon, and the magenta and today's orange came from Jeanette. Thank you both!

Linked to Sarah's Weekly Weather Report, where there has been a lot of purple weather amongst the northern hemisphere folk. That's cold purple, not like me who put purple at the hot end of the scale.


  1. Those are pretty warm looking!!! It's so pretty.

  2. Lucky you, I don't think we have had anything under 35 C for a week, very much looking forward to April and some cool weather!

  3. That does look hot! Great fabrics!

  4. Gorgeous fabrics! The colors are warming me on this chilly day :)

  5. Love your fabrics. We are in winter right now. I can't even imagine your temps.