Saturday, February 17, 2018

Door Arch

This is inside the pizza oven:
It is a car jack holding up a disk covering the hole in the top, so that when that hole is filled with concrete, it stays where it is meant to. I originally thought the flue went through that hole, but it doesn't.

The jack went in yesterday, but this is what happened today:
The laying of the bricks which form the arch around the door. The black piece in the middle is part of the kit - it supports the arch as you assemble it, and holds the bricks in place while the mortar sets. Very clever!


  1. Homemade pizzas taste better than bought. Your oven is technical work of art.

  2. It's not like a quilt kit. No easing options here.

  3. Oh my gosh! It's really coming along. Can't wait to see the first pizza come out of it!

  4. Lots of work over the past few posts on the pizza oven.
    good to see you had some cooler days...