Sunday, February 18, 2018

Pink and White Naked Ladies

My pink belladonna lilies (Amaryllis belladonna) are starting to flower:
These came from the old garden in the city. Last year we bought three white bulbs, but they only grew leaves, no flowers. A couple of weeks ago we took them out of the pot they were in, and planted them in a new garden bed. And they must be happy there:
Flowers from two of the bulbs. Pretty! I think I like the white ones even more than the pinks. They might form more of a clump next year; I noticed as I transplanted them that the original three bulbs are now at least four.

And meanwhile at the pizza oven:
The flue piece is now in place above and behind the door arch. And the hole in the top of the dome (which I originally thought was for the flue) and the joints between the dome sections have been filled with a "refractory castable".


  1. Gorgeous flowers--in my garden they would be a meal for the roaming deer herds---sounds like i live in the tundra--but no, just what used to be an old apple orchard with no more apple trees left--just the memory brings them here, I guess...
    I can only plant daffodils and marigolds and a few herbs--they don't munch on those...thanks for sharing I can just admire yours....hugs, Julierose

  2. The white lilies are lovely, they live up to the name "bella donna".