Monday, February 26, 2018

New Shed

This happened this morning:
It's the beginning of a shed for all the tractor bits. I wasn't very complimentary about it. The word "eyesore" may have been uttered. I hadn't realised it would be so tall. But apparently it has to be so that the tractor can fit into it to collect its attachments. Once it is finished it will probably look better than having tractor attachments spread all around.

And in case you think it's been forgotten:
The pizza oven got another coat of render tonight.


  1. A shed for the tractor....hmmm sounds like a good idea to me, its been a wonderful workhorse, so want to keep it out of the weather. Less tractor repairs = more fabric wink wink!

  2. Disguise it by growing something on the side you see, perhaps it will not look so much of an eyesore.

  3. Pizza Oven - How I wish I had room for one of those!
    Looking forward to seeing your well earned Pizzas and also Hope to see some Wood fire Home-baked Bread too!

  4. I totally second the idea of using the sides to support climbing plants.