Wednesday, February 14, 2018


This is Shubie, my niece's assistance dog:

Today I took the two of them to visit my mother:
Because I'd run out of things to talk about during my daily visits. Mum has been at the rehab centre since being taken to hospital last Friday. I think she was happy to see her youngest grandchild and Shubie today, and hopefully she will be going back home some time next week.


  1. So nice to get visitors when you are in hospital!

  2. What a loving and caring thing to do. It is hard to think of things to talk about when people are confined to hospital. Try taking something from your block, maybe a few twigs from trees. Then you can talk about environmental things. Or some old, old photos. That will get the conversation going in a whole new direction. I hope she will be well soon.

  3. Hope your Mother is ok, Shubie is a real cutie, looks like lots of cuddles are given.

  4. Gorgeous looking dog. I can remember visiting my dad in special accommodation and as he never had any news to tell I would try to fill in the silences. And even tell him what the cats were doing! It helps when there is a third person.