Sunday, November 5, 2017

Wrapping Up the Show

A few shots around the quilt show before we pulled the whole thing down again:

Christmas table runners:

I didn't do any demonstrations today as I was just too tired. Yesterday the first paper-foundation one went quite well, but the next time I did it was not so good. And no-one was interested in demos on EPP.

Yesterday I met up with 2 friends from Melbourne who came to the show. A report and some great pictures from one of them here. I also spent time with my sister who came along later in the afternoon. But I couldn't persuade my mother to come, either yesterday or today. I took my quilts to show her on my way home tonight, so at least she saw them.

The quilt these people are admiring came second in the viewers' choice:
It is a lovely version of Wendy Williams' "Birdsville" pattern.

What I didn't realise when I took that picture was that in the background there are a couple of surprise visitors. A couple of members of the quilting group I used to attend at my local Neighbourhood House in Coburg had made the trip to Ballarat without warning me. I was overjoyed to see them! After they had seen all the quilts the three of us went for a coffee at a nearby cafe, and caught up a bit on happenings since we last met. Spending time with them made my day!

Below, the quilt to the left of my "Berry Delicious" was the winner of the "Circles" challenge last year. This isn't a great shot of it. It looks a lot more colourful in real life.

Finally, my version of last year's Bonnie Hunter mystery, and a few of its neighbours in the show:
During the week Bonnie released the colours for the next mystery.  One of her colours is aqua, the most common colour in my year quilt so far. (Both yesterday and today have been aqua days - see all those coats and jackets on the quilt show visitors.)  Another of the colours is coral. Here's my "Coral Charm" peony this morning:

Pulling down the whole show and packing everything away took much less time than putting it up did. In a bit over an hour it was done. I am exhausted. I think I will need a couple of days to recover.


  1. It is always good to take part in the show, seeing all the visitors admiring your work and viewing lovely quilts. Getting more inspiration but it does wear you out. You'll be caught up in no time.

  2. An almost comprehensive record of your contribution to the show. I know from the response at the desk when I asked where you were that you are an invaluable member of the group. Well done on a terrific show.

  3. I can understand why you were so tired. Looks like it was a great exhibition and it certainly takes a lot of work to organise, set up, work all weekend and then take it down. it also amazes me how quickly it can come down. Why, oh why, doesn't it go up as quickly???

  4. Hi Vireya,
    Show work is tiring! I was at the Whittlesea Show on Sunday demonstrating Cake Decorating to the Children (who were only really after the end result!)
    The Ladies there were amazed as to how few quilts were entered this year - Maybe they were all at Ballarat? ;)
    Cheers Wendy

  5. Enjoyed your guild exhibition, there were some amazing quilts. Lovely catching up with you.