Monday, November 13, 2017


Most of the peony's petals fell today:
The colour change of this flower since it began opening ten days ago has been amazing, from deep coral to almost white.

Elsewhere in the garden, the first nasturtium flower opened in one of my hanging baskets:
There's always something happening in a garden!


  1. I planted more nasturtiums and marigolds through the veggie garden on the weekend. Looked at what we have bought just for the vegetable garden, the prices have added up for seedlings.

  2. Will the seeds from the peony be viable? You need more of these wonderful flowers.

  3. The progressive photos of your Peony have been fascinating, having made many of these beautiful flowers for a wedding cake it is interesting to see one full blown with seedpods, also I love the look of water droplets on Nasturtium leaves - like little jewels.
    Cheers Wendy